The first page of the data file settings allows you to filter orders to be exported.

By default, 

  • Order Status is set to Open  
  • Fulfillment Status to Any  
  • Financial Status to Any
  • Order Risk to Any

The Orders Since is also set to 10 days ago as default. 

You can change this according to your preferences. 

You can also set the Order Date if you have a certain time frame that you would like to export.

You can choose to enable Only Export Newer Orders.

When enabled, the data file only export orders that have not been exported using Exportible before.

In the  Filter by Columns section, you can add multiple filters to be included or excluded in the export.

Choose the column name from the list provided and input the value in the column value. Choose to include/exclude in Export.

The column value supports wildcard

For example, if you input this Shirt*, then all value that begins with Shirt will be affected. 

Shirt blue, Shirt red, Shirt green and more.

In the Alternate Export Values, you can add multiple alternate export values.

Above is an example of how to use the Alternate Export Values.