To use the Merging and Formatting, click on the gear icon on the fields you want to configure.

You will see the Formatting and merging fields in the settings.

The formatting field is only available for certain supported fields. 

The Merging field is available for all fields. This is how to use the Merging field.

The fields are expressed in such a way {{ item['Field Name'] }}

For example:

1. Merging field Shipping Address 1 and Shipping Address 2. You will need to add the formula as follows for each field

{{ item["Shipping Address 1"] }} {{ item["Shipping Address 2"] }}

2. Multiply the Sum of the Total Line Item Price by 2.35 by using a times filter with a value of 2.35.

{{ item["Sum of Total Line Item Price"] | times: 2.35 }} 

3. If currency formatting is applied to your source settings, then this formula will ensure that it will perform similarly to the previous example but with formatting retained. The value of the first and last filters must match the currently applied formatting value to retain source formatting.

{{ item["Sum of Total Line Item Price"] | currency_to_number: "#.###,###" | times: 2.35 | number_to_currency: "#.###,###" }}

4. To calculate the price of a single item after a discount, divide the discount allocation amount by the order quantity. Then, subtract the discount per item from the product price. The resulting price is the final price of a single item after a discount. 

Don't forget to include the three necessary fields: 
Discount Allocation Amount, Order Item Quantity, and Line Item Price.

{% assign discount = item["Discount Allocation Amount"] | divided_by: item["Order Item Quantity"] %}

{{ item["Line Item Price"] | minus: discount }}

5. Conditionally override a field based on its original value

{% if item["Shipping Country"] contains "United Kingdom" %}
{% elsif item["Shipping Country"] contains "United States" %}
{% elsif item["Shipping Country"] contains "Britain" %}
{% endif %}

6.  Exporting the simple date format for the order 

{{ item["created at"] | date: "%Y %m %d" }}

%YYear (2016-07-01)
%mmonth (2016-07-01)
%dday (2016-07-01)
%HHour (22:13:23 > 24 hours)
%MMinute  (22:13:23)
Second (22:13:23)

Click here to learn more regarding the date format.

7. Currency / Weight Conversion

Example USD to Euro

{{ item["Total Price"] | divided_by: 1.2 }}

Example Gram to KG

{{ item["weight"] | divided_by: 1000.0 }}

8. Country Code

{{ item["Country Code"] | country_code_to_phone }}

Country CodeCountry Code to Phone 

Click here for other country codes.

If you want to find out which filters are available and learn more, check out this resource.